We feel there is no one better than our customers to tell you how SaAvani has helped them.  Here are what a few loyal clients have to say about SaAvani...

“In all my years as a Make Up Artist and eczema sufferer I have never used a cream so effective for soothing and healing ~ the fact that it is free of all synthetic chemicals and chalked full of antioxidants makes this product even more incredible. Even used as a moisturizer it can't help but soothe your skin, help bring down redness and help to even out skin tone. Curative Cream by Saavani is a jewel among jewels. The whole line of anti-aging, anti-oxidant creams and cleansers, body butters and toners is truly natural, truly healing and truly luxurious. I recommend this skin care line above all others. My pseudonym for Curative Cream.... Miracle!”
- JoAnn Fowler, Celebrity Make-up Artist (Twilight series, X-Men, The L-Word)

“I LOVE your products! They are wonderful and at an incredible price. Awesome, wonderful, beautiful products.”
- Paul Edwards, Celebrity Hairstylist (Kyle XY, Criminal Minds, Dark Angel)

“I'm an actress, and have always struggled with my skin-- which is really frustrating for anyone- but even more so when you're supposed to look good as part of your job!! I think I've tried almost everything out there-- and have never really been able to get everything in balance and under control-- until now!!! My skin is no longer breaking out-- and is healing and starting to look like normal healthy skin for once! I am thrilled with the results!!
- Lorielle New, Actress (Grindhouse, To Gillian on her 37th Birthday)

“I have been using several skin care items for quite a while now and have been very impressed with them. I love the smell of turmeric in it and it truly does what it says it would do, fading out the blemishes and discoloration of the skin, whether it’s due to aging or to the weather. I rely on that one a lot.”
- Kay Ruthnum

“Best body butter I have EVER used! Amazing products :)”
- Allisha Luther

“Timeless Body Butter not only took care of my dry hands but also got rid of the dry flaky skin on my heels. Love the scent & feel of the body butter. Beautiful creation....thanks to Sa Avani.”
- Ashwini Reddy, Homemaker

“After a few years of using Cortisone on my daughter's face for eczema with no positive results, we found this product stopped the spread of eczema on her face and not only that, is great for cuts and minor burns. I could go on and on about the benefits of using this range of products, but the part that got me started on it in the first place, was that I knew Sa Avani had not been tested on animals (very important to our children) and that it was as natural as it claimed to be. I found Sa Avani products of extremely high quality and recommend it with no hesitation whatsoever.”
- Rohini Murti

“I have been using Anti-Aging, Fadeout and Anti-Oxidant cream for 6 months and I have seen a lot of changes on my face. Before I started using these products, I had spots on my face and black marks under my eyes. After trying these products for such a short period, it has done a miracle. My face is clear. I am extremely happy with these products and will continue using it. I have also recommended it to my family and friends and continue recommending it.”
- Premila Mudaliar

“I have been using the full Acne line of Sa Avani products: cleanser, toner & acne treatment for the past 8 months. I had lots of pimples on my face. After few weeks of using these products, I have seen amazing changes on my face. I have recommended this product to my friends. I am very satisfied and will continue using them.”
- Shaneil Mudaliar, Undergraduate Student

“I had been bothered by a toe fungus from a trip to south east Asia which resulted in my skin breaking into pustules and losing my toenail, not to mention the uncontrollable itching. After 18 months of the usual anti-fungal medications with not much improvement, four months ago, I started using Sa Avani's Curative Cream. My skin is back to normal with only some occasional itching.”
- Rosemay Thomasse

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